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Welcome, to the electric revolution!

The Sail Electric team design, distribute and install marine renewable energy, electric propulsion, power delivery and monitoring systems from a world-class supply chain.

Our aim is to forge a future where we can all sustainably enjoy our time on the water, with minimal impact on our marine ecosystems.

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Marine Services

Surveying and Design

A complete overview of your vessel is considered, where will you sail, what is you desired range, and speed? What are your domestic loads, and how do we recover energy? Our design team can provide first hand knowledge, followed by performance metrics, for propulsion and renewable energy, with drawings, schematics and manuals that can be produced for a DIY project, your own engineers, or for the Sail Electric team to install.


We provide turnkey marine engineering and electrical services. From full refits, to small upgrades, with expedition sailing vessels as our specialty. As a complete yacht modernisation service we can undertake all aspects of work required. You can call on us for propulsion, hybridisation, electrical, batteries, solar, navigation, electric cooking, watermakers and range extension. We provide design, installation, commissioning and training.

World class supply chain

Whether you are considering next generation energy storage, replacing the diesel with electric propulsion or placing renewables. From an initial design brief we can detail the process. Often the first stage in a modernisation project is precision monitoring. whether you are upgrading your own boat in a modular approach, a marine engineer, or a trade outlet. Our portal gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Oceanvolt Official Partner

Oceanvolt are World leaders in electric propulsion. The motors are in constant ‘stand by’ mode; you can engage the control lever at any time for instant forward or reverse propulsion.

At sailing speeds over 6 knots Oceanvolt systems are able to generate significant power for recharging the battery bank by activating at the touch of a button.

Please click on the configurator image to fill in the specifications of your boat and we will suggest a suitable system for you!

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Keep up to date with news, events and adventures, from the crew, partners and friends. There are exciting developments happening all around the world, on and off the water. The Sail Electric crew are sailing electric, running talks, demonstrations and events, promoting activism and conservation for the ocean.

Get the knowledge

Our technical team will provide you with first hand insight into how you can optimise, and even completely move away from traditional fuel. Find out how to manage your house loads, how to maximise renewables, and monitor with precision. From sailors that sail electric, in the real world.

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Our members area gives you access to a more personalised service. Shop and build your perfect system. You can buy as you need, and we'll provide technical support, and competitive pricing. You can install yourself, or with you own engineers, and we are with you every step of way, wherever you sail.

Together - for the Ocean

Our success is a collaborative effort, raising awareness about the impact we have on the ocean is as important as the technologies we work with. From around the world, teams have joined forces to support and ensure a rapid decarbonisation of the fleet, and we have a collective approach to increasing ocean literacy.