The Sail Electric campaign was formed to accelerate the decarbonisation of the legacy fleet.

We provide leisure and commercial owners and operators with a bespoke vessel modernisation service.

Leaders in research and development for over a decade, we have worked closely with many world-class partners. From thousands of miles sailed, without needing diesel, we have the knowledge and experience, so you can make informed choices.

Partnered with a globally renowned supply chain, Sail Electric now stands as one of the leading yacht modernisation services in the UK.

Doris Side

The Crew

Wayne profile

Wayne Peters

With over 15 years of clean energy development, and with deployments around the globe, on land and at sea, as an engineer Wayne is focusing his experience towards the decarbonisation of the maritime sector.

As the founder of The North Devon Marine Project, he also acts as an Ocean Advocate for the Ocean Conservation Trust, an Ambassador for the RYA's environmental program The Green Blue and is the agent for Northern Europe for Oceanvolt the award winning electric propulsion providers.

Wayne founded the Sail Electric campaign with an inspired team to enable yacht owners and operators to take that first step towards net zero at sea.

"The crew all have a deep connection to our natural world, we spread positivity and work with the ocean in mind"

Tom Borsay

Tom leads design, architecture and regulation conformity for Sail Electric. As a Naval Architect, with over 15 years in the modern and traditional boatbuilding sector, Tom brings high value design and development to the team.

With tens of thousands of miles sailed, one of the founding members of Ponzi class racing, to racing 150ft Schooners and delivering custom superyachts across oceans, Tom is committed to reaching Net Zero targets and advancing vessel design.


Adam Hartnell

Adam has built a reputation of exceptionally high standards in the marine industry over the past 15 years with A.Hartnell Marine Ltd. Joining forces with Sail Electric is a key strategic decision to continue leading the installation of renewable energies and electric propulsion on vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Adam is the only one of the crew who doesn’t partake in any sort of boating outside of work, but yet, at home on an electric yacht, dedicated to clean propulsion and you’ll likely see him with a laptop in hand on a sea trial rather than a rope.

Joachim Vanderstuyft

Joachim started to focus his expertise as a lead electromechanical engineer on off grid Victron Energy systems. He loves how the current developments are giving access to sustainable energy to an increasing amount of people and projects around the globe.

Using his hands-on experience, he started creating custom Victron Energy diagrams to assist with off grid projects worldwide. Together with the well-fitted integration of Oceanvolt and Victron Energy, he works with Sail Electric to further accelerate marine decarbonisation.


Tom Clough

Tom is a highly experienced shipwright, joiner, and GRP specialist. Based in Falmouth, Tom lives entirely off grid using solar on his smallholding in West Cornwall.

With a marine career spanning decades in the far Southwest, including operating as a commercially endorsed skipper, Tom is an ex-commercial diver and highly experienced and valued project manager for both leisure and commercial vessel refits.

Mark Bath

Mark brings a vast knowledge of systems integration and problem solving to the team, having worked with various multinational telecommunications organisations in solution design and architecture.

Mark worked with us to optimise his Bavaria 44 sailboat. Improving the data acquisition and networking capability of vessel systems, Mark sails out from the Solent in Portsmouth, helping to network, develop and improve the data we gather on our journey.


George Symes-Davidson

George is a lead design engineer with years spent in the luxury motor yacht sector, which forged his passion to work towards a future in which marine industries can exist in harmony with our ecosystems.

Sailing his electric sailboat, SV Muhuhu, George is passionate about providing solutions to make boating more sustainable in both manufacture, operation and end of life. As an ambassador for Sail Electric he flies the flag as he and his partner sail the world.

The Electric Fleet

SV Nazca the NDMP research vessel, a fully electric Contessa 34 offshore

Using only the renewable resources available to her with a regenerating electric motor, wind and solar, she sails diesel-free demonstrating change; testing emerging green technologies whilst undertaking marine science expeditions on the Celtic Sea and both English and Bristol Channels.

With bases in Falmouth and North Devon, she is demonstrating a new era of marine power. Equipped for offshore, Nazca is self-sufficient and on a green mission for the ocean.

Nazca Electric Contessa
Doris Side

Doris owners specifically came to Sail Electric to accomplish a detailed modernisation and prepare the yacht for a planned round the world expedition. She has since undergone a full transformation package with Sail Electric, to ensure the least possible environmental effect during her travels, whilst supporting the crew on board to work with the natural resources available.

Sail Electric support the Turner Twins emission free quest aboard their Class 40

SY Nuna is 12m preloved Class 40 sailing yacht, sourced from a US based sailing charity, has been refitted with an impressive range of sustainable technology by Sail Electric to ensure the absolute minimal environmental impact from their voyage and at zero emission. Equipped with a 10KW Oceanvolt sail drive with capacity to regenerate under sail, supporting a 230Vac onboard microgrid for boiling water, cooking on induction and combined with a number of deck-mounted, flexible solar modules to mention just a few.


Muhuhu is a 1980’s Oyster Mariner 35, a demonstrator for a new era of cruising yachts

She was converted from diesel to electric propulsion over the winter of 2020. She’s a heavy blue water design with a large internal volume. Not fast, but keeps her crew safe and dry!

She’s an ideal platform for data collection, wildlife observation and exploration. Her home port is Plymouth, Devon and can be seen flying the flag for sustainable sailing all around the West Country.

Olaso Uno, a Bavaria 44 with advanced integration.

Olaso has highly advanced integration of LiFePO4 technology with custom network CAN protocols over NMEA 2000. She has a custom integrated second high powered 5kW alternator and bifacial solar on board.

Based on the Solent she boasts one of the most advanced power and monitoring systems afloat, and her owner Mark designs bespoke integrations for Sail Electric.

Electric Sadler 25

Aries, The electric twin keel 1983 Sadler 25

One of the first conversions in North Devon, Aries originally had a Bukh10 diesel in place. A simple swap out to a 3kW Direct drive electric motor at 24Vdc means she can get in and out of harbour silently for a sail about in the Bristol Channel.

One of the challenges with the Bristol Channel in particular is the number of drying harbours, and limited charge points, and on these smaller vessels the limited space for Solar to recover energy. A small suitcase generator has been used, but now with the advent of highly efficient flexible solar, Aries recharges herself whenever the sun is up.