How much energy do I need? 

Everything is powered by the sun. The wind in our sails, the conversion of light by solar panels, the temperature of our boat.

To improve our relationship with the sun is to understand how to work better with it. We have over a decade of experience to assist, we run entirely electric boats, and some of the most advanced modelling techniques available.

Harvesting and storing energy, recharge rates, delivered power, and for how long, at what speed, maximising hull efficiency, optimising onboard power needs with integrated monitoring, enable our clients to make precise, and knowledgeable decisions.

performace teaser

Performance modelling

Knowing how a vessel will perform in a real world scenario before an order for parts is even considered is one of our greatest attributes.

Theoretical performance metrics are provided at inception. This is for power required, energy storage, range, recovery by solar, regeneration at sail, SoW power charging and back up systems.

Any vessel can be catered for at the design stage, we look at how and where you sail, giving you foresight to make an informed choice about how you are going to modernise your boat.


Advanced renewable energy

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate as the world looks to attain net zero targets.

On board renewables are key to both lowering your carbon footprint at sea, and staying out there for longer. On board solar can sustain house loads at anchor, and in the case of electric propulsion, provide recharge in parallel with regeneration when you sail.

Using advanced theoretical modelling software we can detail energy recovery rates, and how to best manage the vessels' electrical demands for any location on earth.


It's all in the planning

Theoretical modelling, both with performance values, power usage and component layout will create a bespoke system on plan that can be executed with incredible detail.

So when it comes to modernising and upgrading your boat, the process is swift, precise and as easy as possible.