When you choose to upgrade with Sail Electric, you can expect a comprehensive level of services, including;

Electric Propulsion & LiFePO4 Specialists
Survey & Design
Assisted refit service
Complete Yacht Modernisation
Marine electrical engineering
Marine & Trade Parts Supply
Remote aftersales Support


We provide a range of consultancy services. Whether you are considering next generation energy storage, replacing the diesel with electric propulsion or placing renewables. From an initial discussion we can detail the process, timeline and offer foresight to operate, recharge, and support you, to ensure you are safe, clean and self sustaining when out on the water. It's all in the planning.

Performance calculations

A complete overview of the vessel and sailing area is considered. The Sail Electric design team will provide you with a theoretical performance analysis for electric propulsion, detailing range, power required, safety nets, operational knowledge. Utilising renewable energy is key, and with custom modelling we can show you how solar will perform wherever in the world you sail.

Advanced renewable energy

When we launched our prototype electric 34ft sailboat "Nazca" back in March 2021, it was a beautiful sunny, windless spring day. With the mainsail up, the bifacial solar array on our custom designed arch on the stern propelled the boat along with the electric motor at 4knt, using only the power of solar and apparent wind. From custom designs, to deck mounted flexible solar you can walk on, coupled with highly efficient MPPT chargers, and fully integrated, we prioritise renewable energy wherever we can.

Marine electrical engineering

With Engineers based in North Devon, Plymouth, Falmouth and Hamble-le-Rice, we are here to help, Our engineers are fully qualified and highly experienced, they have a complete understanding of marine electrical and electronic systems from a myraid of suppliers, so whether it's and upgrade, addition, fault finding or simply advice, the team is on hand to help.

Turnkey refit service

From inception to sea trial. we provide a bespoke service for upgrades and modernisation. As well as electrical and electronic, our network expands to shipwrights, GRP and rigging to help you prepare you vessel with the tech we trust at sea, for wherever you intend to sail.

Marine parts supply

Our supply chain partners span over a decade of collaborations. We are lead agents for Victron Energy, OceanVolt, Fischer Panda, and working with products from BEP, Bluesea, Raymarine, B&G, EcoBat, LG, Solbian and even the next generation anchors we use and trust. If you are unable to find the part you need on the portal, please drop us a message, we can almost certainly source it.

Trade supply

As agents for leading products we supply the trade through the UK, our team are experienced in the installation of marine modernisation, so whether you are a marine engineer looking to branch in to electric propulsion, or a boat builder looking for a complete Victron system, we are always happy to discuss ours, and our partners products, and with an extensive network of suppliers, we can assist.

Aftersales service

Systems are available with real time and remote monitoring, and many of the technologies we use are integrated into the ships systems, with custom network designs available. This means as long as you can reach the internet, be it by satellite, mobile hotspot or a marina Wi-Fi, we can assist you remotely. This doesn't always mean there is a problem, rarely in fact, but if you'd like advice, wish to add more solar, or just want to share how you are living off grid using only wind and solar. Remote management portals make this all possible.