Surveying and Design

From an initial enquiry you outline your ultimate ambition.  A full and complete analysis is conducted, what are your expectations, where do you sail, how will you recharge? Let's consider solar, regeneration under sail, shore power, and range extension.

On board discussions involve sailing routines, removal and placement of equipment, storage, operation, online connectivity and safety at sea.

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Computer Aided Design

Sail Electric provide working CAD models to provide accurate placement for each system component

We can design custom solar arches, place batteries, motors, controllers, inverters, chargers and range extenders. These can all be mapped out so we know how best to utilise storage, find room for a new watermaker, fit a new induction cooker or from where will you be able to control and monitor your new propulsion system.


Precision Measurements

Designs are verified on board, production is improved, and installation times are kept as efficient as possible.

This ensures you are with us for the shortest possible time, and when we come to sea trial the vessel, you already know how your boat will look, and feel.

There is one caveat with the above statement. Nothing quite prepares you for the first time you operate your electric motor. This is always quite a surprise!

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Electrical deisgn  

Concept designs are drafted around the known performance metrics of the vessel. This advances to a detailed electrical schematic that can be used by our engineers, your chosen local engineers, or even self installed, all with our assistance.

These drawings, calculations and schematics can then be used to recertify, discuss a new policy with your insurance company, or used for commercial coding.