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Whether you’re going on a short fishing trip or planning to sail across the ocean, you’ll need reliable power to enjoy your adventure to the fullest. At Victron Energy they believe reliability isn’t enough, they believe in Optimal Energy instead. In our view, a boat needs an intelligent power grid that adapts to any challenges you may encounter. With unparalleled reliability, without effort and at great value for money. That’s what we call Optimal Energy.

You’ll have access to a full range of state of the art products that can meet any demand. Each of them can be fine-tuned to your specific needs. The possibilities are limitless

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Knowledge is power

We have been working with Victron Energy for over a decade, they quietly and reliably manage the power delivery, control and communications on vessels of various shapes and sizes, off grid and around the globe.

With our primary focus on expedition sailing yachts, we are leading the electric revolution simply because you can rely on the equipment installed, whilst simply able to view power use, and energy recovery across multiple media.

This is called Venus OS, the operating system that seamlessly manages all connected power and displays all system data, on your HID, your chart plotter, your phone and online. Every part of the vessels power system is monitored in real time, and stored, for free, for up to a year on the VRM portal.

Better connected

Victron Energy has a global reach, with a proven ethos that allows you to add, change, upgrade and improve your system as you sail depending on your budget and sailing ambition.

Choosing Victron, customers are serviced and supported quickly and competently. This is why the global network of Victron Professionals pack the highest level of technical know-how and are committed to deliver repairs as fast as possible.

Whether you’re on board or back at home, you’ll always have perfect control over our connected smart products. You instantly see what the power situation is. And you can even troubleshoot alerts from home.

If you are at home, at anchor, in port, or crossing an ocean, worrying about how long you have left in your batteries is a thing of the past.


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We know what works

We, and our partners all sail offshore, and we know marine power inside out. For 45 years Victron Energy has worked closely with their clients to create even better marine solutions,

Complete control on board, for induction cooking and heating water. Managing unreliable marina connections, generators and high powered alternator charging. Advanced power control from regeneration, solar and wind.

Storing energy allows you to live off shore power at sea and to use solar power harvested during the day overnight. The inverter will convert the stored power to 230V. Sailing yachts typically experience long intervals between battery recharges, so your onboard energy storage is designed around you.


Some key guidence 

Many upgraded power delivery systems currently use Lithium, and specifically LiFePO4 technology. Due to its stability vs density it is now the go-to for high performance marine energy storage. However, there are some things to be aware of - safety is critical.

Be sure that:

  • The battery management system (BMS) is designed to operate with the chosen battery and connected devices are compatible. This protects the batteries from overheating and is the single most critical piece of equipment to consider
  • Cooling in your situation is adequate (both the electric motor and the control systems)
  • Warranties are in place, i.e. build quality is guaranteed
  • Your insurers are content with your installation

Online you can find plenty of advice on DIY options, including cheap sources of lithium ion batteries. But.....

Please don’t go buying cheap products from unknown manufacturers. If they seem to be amazing value, beware!

Standards exist both for electric propulsion and lithium ion batteries in marine applications.

Ideally, your installer should confirm that installation is to those standards (ISO 16315 for electric propulsion and ISO Tech Standard 23625 for the batteries).

Contact the team below for advice, design and supply of the next generation of onboard power.

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